Help your older patients keep their independence and stay at home longer

Independence is a significant contributor to seniors' mental health and wellbeing. In fact, seniors rate loss of independence and moving out of home into an age related residential care facility as one of their greatest fears.

Support your older patients

While you can’t be there to protect your patients all the time, seniors in your care are able to go home, and be and feel safe knowing they can access help 24/7 if they need it, with a St John Alarm.

A St John Alarm offers 24/7 response and is the only alarm that connects directly to Hato Hone St John, giving your patients the peace of mind and confidence to live a full, independent life, and to stay at home for longer.

As a healthcare professional you can support your older patients to live independently by referring them to a St John Alarm.
Your patients have access to a free trial and referral is a straightforward process.
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